The purpose of this tariff is to promote the conservation of groundwater by enabling the Company to bring an action for damages or to enjoin any activity against a person who tampers with the water system.


The requirements of this tariff are governed by Rules of the Arizona Corporation Commission, specifically Arizona Administrative Code (“AAC”) R14-2-410 and the Arizona Department of Water Resources’ Required Public Education Program and Best Management Practices in the Modified Non-Per Capita Conservation Program.

  1. In support of the Company’s water conservation goals, the Company may bring an action for damages or to enjoin any activity against a person who: (1) makes a connection or reconnection with property owned or used by the Company to provide utility service without the Company’s authorization or consent; (2) prevents a Company meter or other device used to determine the charge for utility services from accurately performing its measuring function; (3) tampers with property owned or used by the Company; or (4) uses or receives the Company’s services without the authorization or consent of the Company and knows or has reason to know of the unlawful diversion, tampering or connection. If the Company’s action is successful, the Company may recover as damages three times the amount of actual damages.
  2. Compliance with the provisions of this tariff will be a condition of service.
  3. The Company shall provide to all its customers, upon request, a complete copy of this tariff and AAC R14-2-410. The customers shall follow and abide by this tariff.
  4. If a customer is connected to the Company water system and the Company discovers that the customer has taken any of the actions listed in No. 1 above, the Company may terminate service per AAC R14-2-410.
  5. If a customer believes he/she has been disconnected in error, the customer may contact the Commission’s Consumer Services Section at:
    1-800-222-7000 to initiate an investigation.