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Southwestern Utility Management, Inc. Southwestern Utility Management, Inc.

About Us


Bonnie L. O'Connor
President, Owner

Background and Experience:

Ms. O’Connor has over 35 years of experience in multiple aspects of accounting and bookkeeping.She also has an extensive and broad range of experience in the everyday management of office and field operations of Southwestern Utility Management. 

Utility Accounting:

Along with the above noted reports, Ms. O’Connor has extensive experience in the following processes:

  • Utility Rate Application
  • Finance Applications
  • Certificate of Convenience and Necessity Applications
  • Franchise Applications
  • Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) Annual Reports
  • Arizona Department of Revenue Property Valuation Reports
  • ACC Certificate of Disclosure Reports
  • Arizona Department of Environmental Quality grant applications

Ms. O’Connor’s experience and record of success in  working with the Arizona Corporation Commission while seeking rate increases for numerous water companies over the past 15 years is unequaled. She has established a vast knowledge base of requirements and regulations and maintains a professional respect and rapport with the Commission’s staff and is known for providing fully completed and up-to-date applications.

Ms. O’Connor is well known and respected by the members of the “Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona” (WIFA), and has applied for and obtained numerous ”low interest” government loans for our clients. 

Ms. O'Connor was recently appointed to the Governors Blue Ribbon Panel to address water sustainability in Arizona.  This panel played a key role in supplying recommendations to the Governor with respect to the challenges Arizona faces both now and in the future.

Her accounting background includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Payroll
  • Client billing
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Monthly and quarterly tax reporting that include;
  • Federal
  • Workers Compensation
  • Federal and State unemployment
  • Sales Tax
  • City Tax

Ms. O’Connor is proficient in “QuickBooks.”  This accounting program allows her to provide our clients with monthly detailed reports that include, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Account Activity Report, Check Detail, Deposit Detail and Bank Reconciliation. She also acts as a contact “Liaison” between our Clients and their Certified Public Accountants, (CPA).   


Rural Water Association of Arizona
Water Utility Association of Arizona

Keith Dojaquez, CCI 
Vice President of Compliance and Engineering
General Operations Manager

Background and Experience:


Keith Dojaquez has 15 years of water system experience; his experience includes Civil Inspections of water distribution transfer facilities (booster plants), well sites, reservoirs, waste water systems, lift stations, and distribution and transfer mains for the water utility.

  •  Manage, operates, and maintains all aspects of water utility systems including working on the electrical, telemetry, and installation of pumps, motors, pipe lines, service lines, and other mechanical appurtenances.
  • Water quality administration and quality control of plans and submittals, Field Engineering,
  • Construction Management, coordinating with contractors, regulators and engineers, participating in field changes, and engineering design of all aspects of water utility systems.
  • Performs post pavement inspections for developments to make sure that the release of assurances were completed for final completion on the project.
  • Compliance officer for various water utilities with knowledge and experience of the Arizona water laws and regulations such as Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Arizona Department of Water Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency and has a diversified back ground in Environmental Science.




Grade III Water Distribution Operator, 2007 OPO #22644-18071

Grade I Water Treatment Plant Operator 2008, OPO # 22644-24152



USEPA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Certified

Certificate of Completion of Design and Inspections of Buried Pipes from the American society of civil engineers (ASCE)

Certified Construction Inspector from the American Public works association  (APWA)

Certified Utility Manager in the complex field of Water and Waste Water Management (UMC)



American Water Works Association

Arizona Water and Pollution Control Association

American Society of Civil Engineers


Our Staff :

Paul Juhl - Office Manager

(520) 623-5172 ext. 107

Department 1

Mohammad Al-Abdulmuhsen - Customer Service/New Service

Sara Hynes - Customer Service/New Aervice

(520) 623-5172 ext. 6

Department 2

Jeff Amos - Accounts Payable/Receivable

James Stuart- Accounts Payable/Receivable

Department 3

Patti Bayers - Billing Administrator II/Collections

Dorinda Chacon - Billing Administrator/Collections

Robert Chaves - Billing Administrator/Collections

(520) 623-5172 ext. 4

Field Technicians

Gary Newman - Field Technician/Certified Operator

Baron Clement - Field Technician

Thomas Rodriguez - Field Technician

Miguel Ortiz - Field Technician

Mike Molina - Field Technician

Andres Hernandez - Field Technician/Certified Operator

Robert Valenzula - Field Technician

Companies we supply services to:

University of Arizona - Water Management/ Certified Operator

Anway Manville LLC

Aubrey Water

Bradshaw Mountainview Water Co.  

Chaparral Water Company

Clear Springs Utility

Cloud 9 Water - Certified Operator

Desert Springs Water Improvement District

Dragoon Water

East Slope Water

Fiesta Canning - Certified Operator

Francesca Water

Goodman Water Company

Halcyon Acres II

Humboldt Water Systems, Inc.

KoKoPelli Springs

La Casita Water

Mescal Lakes Water

Mirabell Water Company

Mountain Glen Water Service

Park Water Company, Inc.

Raindance Water Co-Op

Ray Water Company, Inc.

Sandario Water

Sonita Valley Water

Sieritta Water Co-op

Southland Utilities

Starlight Water

Thim Utility Company

Thim Water Company

Valle Verde Water

Voyager Water Company